article 2: "the person, his rights and freedom are supreme value "
article 3: "the carrier of the sovereignty and unique source of
the power in the Russian Federation are multinational people "
article 29: "to everyone thought and word freedom is guaranteed "


Stepan Petrov's Appeal

to the independent institutes of civil society

Everyone wishes to live adequately. The basic vital requirements of the person are the food, dwelling, clothes. In addition to these needs the state forms certain systems of values and motivation. They are changeable and also depend on a geopolitical situation and ambitions of politicians. These motivational installations serve the purpose of a direction of social activity of people and represent itself as behaviour regulators in a society, that is are means of manipulation with people.

Separate humans and the peoples, of course, differ to external signs and mentality. But it is not a basis for occurrence of irrepressible conflicts and insuperable contradictions.

The Soviet communistic system broke normal ability to live, intimidating bourgeois aggression, and produced the inadequate people who have been aggressively adjusted in relation to the West. But the majority of inhabitants of the USSR did not dream to harm the West. During too time Americans frightened of communists, comparing the Soviet people to crowd of savages.

In certain cases the authorities of the various states oppose people each other, using ideology and propagation. For example, when the authorities persuade people that unique way of maintenance of a worthy life is destruction of a source of danger in the name of any country or group of people. Vivid examples are two world wars and other local conflicts. What is more important: interests of the state or the world community? The unambiguous answer is not present. But in most cases the aggression reason is not protection of the broken rights, and ambitions of politicians and elementary malicious intention. The extremely dangerous is the substantiation politicians of aggression by means of historic facts and religious motives.

Difference between interests of different levels it is possible to illustrate with a difference between human rights and the citizens rights. Human rights are the integral and inaliennable rights belonging to each person on a birth without dependence from citizenship and other signs. The rights of the citizen the human rights differentiated by the national legislation. The base document is Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Constitutions of the majority of the countries include substantive provisions of declaration. It would seem, already national legislation of the different countries should realise the international norms to the full. In ideal the right of the citizen of any state should incorporate the human rights conventional by the international community in full. However, it does not occur. As many countries limit actions of the international norms by the national legislation. This negative tendency can be tracked by quantity of the international contracts not ratified and not observed by the different countries.

For example, so happens with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In 2006 Russia has not supported this approved by Council of the United Nations document, referring to the contradiction to the Russian legislation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples on land, natural resources and indemnification. The Russian Federation suggested restriction of the rights of Indigenous Peoples by frameworks of national legal mechanisms and constitutions of the states, that is application to Indigenous Peoples of "double" standards.

Non-observance of the European Social Charter, conventions of the International Labour Organization and other international documents defining the international standards of living, forms a basis of understating of the minimum social standards (living level, consumer's basket, the minimum wage rate, pensions, grants and others). Injustice of the Russian social policy leads to a situation when nominal increase in incomes does not attract growth of real incomes, that is taking into account inflation real expenses decrease, causing consumption decrease in natural measurement of products, usings services. It leads to general poverty and poverty of the majority of Russians, forming the favorable environment for expansion of activity of destructive forces, including the international terrorist and extremist organisations.

The real life does not suffer emptiness: the vacuum created by absence of a worthy life, will be unequivocally filled by a negative menacing to national safety. Economic and political disorder of Russia can become result. The beginning of the chaotic civil war directed on destruction of the multinational people of Russia and international situation destabilization will be logical continuation of this process.

Realisation of the international norms is not only a subject of the political auction, but also infringes on interests of simple people. Behind it there are not simply clever words on foreign languages, and the right to a worthy life. It is an indispensable condition of maintenance of a worthy life and free development of citizens, and it is sometimes elementary a condition of a physical survival in difficult environmental conditions.

The basic argument of non-increasing real monetary incomes puts forward absence of sufficient budgetary possibilities. And all attempts are treated as populist demagogy and cheap politics.

The russian financial, budgetary and tax system does not consider interests of the majority of the population of the country. Its basis is the universal mechanism of intermediation, allowing to take corruption and other unearned incomes from all fields of activity, almost introduced in an everyday life and organically integrated in russian legislation.

Successful functioning of the mechanism leads to thought that the purposes of existence of the Russian state are:

-Suppression of the people and the home producer;

-Enrichment of financial, oil and gas and other raw oligarchs.

Thus, it is necessary to ascertain presence of variety of the external and internal factors influencing upon estimation of lifes quality of the separate person. For objective estimation of possibility of realisation of the international norms it is necessary to abstract from some aspects having temporary and tactical character.


Also it is necessary to leave from other factors, it is artificial separating people and being only relative.

Elementary climatic and geographical factors can become the reason of a various estimation of position. For example, current time for one can be afternoon, and for others night. If in Yakutsk the working day is already finished, in London it only begins. Even on cards of the world at the different countries continents are located differently. On the Russian card in the centre there is Eurasia. On the USA map there are Northern and South America. All yakutians will tell that December and January the coldest months. But someone will disagree and will be right. For example, so inhabitants of Australia and other countries of southern hemisphere for whom this period is a beach season can confirm. As the statement is incorrect that the sun ascends and comes, the earth spins about the axis. For the majority of people eating by yakutians in a crude kind meat, fish and liver can seem absolutely unnatural. In Asia the use as delicacies of insects and some pets to someone will seem unacceptable.

The given conclusive statements prove that many event in the world rather.

The objective estimation of influence of different phenomena depends on actual consequences. The extremely ambiguous on consequences is global warming. It already causes panic horror in someone. It really causes quite real cataclysms: tsunami, flooding and other incidents. For the majority of the African countries it bears drought, poor harvests and, accordingly, hunger.

And for yakutians it became even desirable. The majority are satisfied with warm winters and possibility to go in easier clothes. However, the relativity is shown in a different estimation in the time period. For our descendants it can already play a fatal role the next decades. Quite really that meltig of permafrost can lead to bogging of territory, flooding of the whole settlements, impossibility of agricultural land development. For reindeer breeders catastrophic loss of territories is possible. Yakutsk already obviously feels negative consequences of warming in the form of acceleration of destruction of the bases of buildings. And not only thanks to wrong technical operation and leaks of waters.

Despite the taken obligations leading industrial coutries cannot reduce emissions of the carbonic gas which is a principal cause of process of "hotbed effect", global warming and thawing of ices. It can become the reason of actual destruction of the island states that becomes result of actions and inactivity of the developed countries. Association of efforts of the island states on expression of the claims at the international level is absolutely correct. Including putting responsibility on the developed countries for a possible genocide and destruction of the people as a result of flooding of their territories.

Many phenomena and factors of world development have both positive and negative consequences. Instead of dispute on a theme it is good or bad? it is necessary aspires to minimization of possible negative consequences for the majority of people. It all the same what to argue, the gasoline and spirit invention is how much useful: on the one hand, this irreplaceable fuel and medical means of disinfecting, and on the other hand a source of pollution of ecology and a toxic poisoning of alcoholics. It is necessary to recognise that is the come true facts and effectively to operate negative and positive tendencies.

Each people perceive world events through prism of the mentality, internal installations and the generated representations about useful and harmful. The difference between the people can really seem very considerable. It is necessary to separate the purposes and the motives of people formed in the course of socialisation and identification of a civil accessory to this or that state, from the vital requirements.


For attention concentration on the most important thing it is necessary to consider true vital requirements and original causes of motivation of people. For this purpose it is necessary to consider biological and social essence of the person.

Conditional example of the contradiction of a biological and social nature is the conflict of interests in the USA which has become a basis of the split in the American society. The increase in social expenses became one of points of Barrack Obamas electoral programme. Having voted for Obama, ordinary Americans have supported maintenance of availability social and health services to poor levels of population. However on the eve of voting in the senate on this point in question it became the reason of protests against a policy of the President. People left with slogans against increase in expenses of social and medical insurance at the expense of budgetary funds, including at their expense. Exhaustive and eloquent was the slogan We do not want a socialism at our expense, that is capitalism is better. The principle everyone for itself is closest for ordinary Americans. Also it is a lawful choice of the freedom-loving American people.

Thus, by voting Americans have supported social justice realisation, and then have opposed. Here such dialectics in an American way. Then it is asked: what for have chosen such President? It was not necessary to vote for it.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to ascertain that in essence of the person the selfish beginning prevails. It brightly characterises expression: thinking one thing, says another, and makes the third. Achievement of general happiness and world peace is only a subject of verbal debate. Being a biological being, the person is included in process of natural selection. The exhaustion of world resources and a competition aggravation multiply strengthens the given process. It is impossible to expect from the person that he will remove from himself last shirt and will give it need when he and his relatives starves.

The principle everyone for himself is to the full realised at execution of imperious powers in Yakutia:

-on the first stage the Yakut official has a maintenance of well-being of a near circle (the near relations, directly assisted career growth environment);

-further assistance to other mediated structures for the purpose of power preservation;

-in last turn there is a problem of maintenance of well-being of the people. And the turn of the people comes, as a rule, when periods of validity of powers come to an end.

Here such dialectics our way.


To what it is necessary to aspire? What tendencies of world development are most comprehensible?


Industrial development became the powerful factor of development of a society. Some aspects of development became the reasons of occurrence of global problems.

There were two antagonistic positions: one stand up for dominating development of a technogenic civilisation, others call for return to a natural way of life in natural environment.

I am not inclined to unequivocal support of this or that position. The reasonable balance between technogenic and natural in the ways of manufacture and consumption, way of life is necessary. For health maintenance certain movement back to the nature simultaneously without total refusal of the blessings of a civilisation providing vital comfort is necessary.

In unlimited quantities even the blessing can harm. The excessive use of even useful vitamins can lead to an organism poisoning. Balance observance should be as measure observance in the alcohol use. According to scientists, wine only in moderate quantities is means of preventive maintenance of cardiovascular diseases and interferes cholesterol formations.


Sources of maintenance of functioning of this or that environment are various.

1.) In the natural biological environment barter of substances prevails and energy sources are inexhaustible resources, such as solar energy, water and others.

2.) In the technogenic environment energy source is the fuel made from exhaustible natural resources.


Use of wind, solar and hydraulic power is the most safe and perspective. Use of generated by hydrocarbonic raw materials energy raises probability of occurrence of technogenic accidents. A comprehensible combination of various energy sources can be the device of hybrid cars when together with internal combustion engine the alternative energy source - gas or the electric motor is used.

In the conditions of exhaustion of resources restriction of consumption of resources is necessary. In the conditions of crisis experts believe that the strongest blow on a stable life will be received by Europeans. The high European standard of living and other safe countries with a high prosperity will decrease.

Necessity of economy and difference of a consumption level of resources can be considered on an example of shortage of water. Already 1/3 population of globe suffer from shortage of water. 1.1 billion persons are deprived access to pure water. 2.6 billion persons should use partially polluted water. Every second case of disease in the world is caused by the pathogenic bacteria living in water. Daily because of the illnesses extending in polluted water, about 6000 children aged till five years die.

It is necessary for the person not less than 20-50 litres of water a day. Inhabitants of the developed countries consume in day of 200-300 litres and above. And in the majority of the African countries people are compelled to manage in 10 litres of water a day.

There was an objective necessity to lower volumes of consumption of all kinds of resources. Each person should realise independently necessity of reasonable restriction of water consumption and food. And it is not attempt of realisation of communistic ideals equalities and brotherhoods, and an objective condition of survival of modern society.


Priority of world development should be interests of the person

and preservation of the natural biological environment,

instead of the industrial development,

the accelerated withdrawal of resources and

aggravation of global problems


Development should be for the person,

instead of at the expense of the person

Let's consider a place of the person in the natural biological and technogenic environment. Recognising that the person is a biological being, logically the preference should be given a dwelling habitat. That is it is necessary use of the inexhaustible resources reproduced without aid of person and technogenic environment. Decrease in dependence on not renewed resources which using is a major factor of occurrence of global problems is preferable.

The multiple increase in efficiency and qualitative characteristics of agricultural production at the expense of gene engineering and application of synthetic substances in comparison with natural way of manufacture cannot be end in itself and an indicator of quality of human life. As genetically modified raw materials and synthetic substances can cause unpredictable consequences for the person. By definition, in any case the created is artificial can be is sawn-off biological nature. The crops which have been grown up under natural conditions are most safe.

The person has occurred from natural environment, instead of from the technogenic. If we were biological robots it was possible to stand up for domination of technogenic development. If the hydrocarbonic raw materials are a unique energy source it was possible to support escalating of withdrawal of hydrocarbons for people.

But the person eats vegetative and animal food, instead of gasoline. Thus, preservation of the nature and ecological balance should become a strategic priority of state policy.


The factor of inevitable exhaustion of resources and possibility of failure of mechanisms cause necessity of rational parity artificial and natural.

Without fuel and in case of technical malfunction even the best technics becomes a metal heap. Failure on Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station has demonstrated negative consequences of occurrence of emergency situation only on one industrial target which has closed on functioning of variety of branches and life-support of several regions.

The thesis back to the nature does not look ironically in situations of absence of some blessings. Restriction of deliveries of gas to Europe has led to freezing of a great number of people in the last winter. The majority of Europeans have realised to the full value of presence a small house in village. Occurred and possible in the near future failures on the Yakut state district power station raise interest of townspeople to houses with oven heating in a counterbalance to elite habitation in new buildings. Than "elitely" to freeze, to be better in a simple way in heat and to prick fire wood in felt boots.

The basic argument of supporters of the accelerated withdrawal of hydrocarbonic resources is necessity of maintenance with fuel resources of the industry for manufacture of growing volume of the blessings for the purpose of satisfaction of growing requirements of mankind.


All achievements of civilisation are only auxiliary means

of maintenance of vital comfort. It is important not to own it,

and correctly to use it in the blessing, instead of to the detriment.

Not for momentary benefit for the good of minority, and

for the good of the majority in the long-term period.


It is not enough to be clever, it is necessary to be able to apply knowledge. It is a lot of and any more does not mean well. Presence of computers does not guarantee mind occurrence. At us it is a lot of scientists, and it is better to live did not become. There are many laws, but around arbitrariness and lawlessness. It is a lot of politicians, but a little of use too.

If manufacture of some subjects puts irreparable harm to the person and ecology, most likely, it is necessary to refuse such manufacture.

For example, curtailment of production of automobile engines with high level of emission of carbonic gas and harmful substances, mercury thermometers, packages from pure polyethylene is quite well-founded.

Present development of civilisation is focused on satisfaction of requirements of "the consumption centres - the USA and Europe which move now to the developed Asian countries. Inhabitants of the African continent, east Europe, the near East and other developing territories are constantly lost. And it is unfair.


Ways of an exit from the world crisis is

not search of next the consumption centre,

not distribution of spheres of world influence,

not struggle for access to power resources and

not working out of uniform world currency.


Strategic target of interaction of the world community should be

achievement of fair distribution of the blessings

between all inhabitants of a planet and the states.


It is the basic condition of maintenance of world stability. Creation of a new world order and new model of manufacture and consumption at remaining infringement of interests of considerable part of world population may not be pledge of sustainable development and is "road to nowhere".

One of the radical reasons of occurrence and wide circulation of world terrorist threat is injustice of distribution of the blessings in the world. The international terrorists and extremists lean against the poorest levels of population and skilfully use negative tendencies of world development. At minimization of the negative phenomena and maintenance of a worthy life for world population it would become destiny of small groups of religious fanatics and persons with pathological mental deviations.


Injustice of distribution of the blessings

is basis of the program of self-destruction of mankind

The developed countries act

as "grave-diggers" itself and all mankind

Decisions made in favour of the separate developed countries only "preserve" problems which at following crisis can accept irreversible character. Thus, we contradict life bases and resist to the human essence.

Not cataclysms, negative prophecies and fatal coincidence of circumstances become the reasons of possible "doomsday". The reason the termination of existence of mankind may be the person. All real proceeds from people.

Our life is product of our consciousness and activity. At the heart of any activity lies out our aims and motives. All events are materialization of thoughts , that is at first there were thought and word.

Differentiation of situation development depending on motives it is possible to illustrate on following example. One person, leaving on river bank and having seen wood, plans to catch fish, to extract an animal, to prepare wood within own requirement and taking into account preservation of ecological balance. Other person with negative thoughts will aspire to choose all resources without remainder.

Unfortunately, in the policies of the majority of the countries interests of predators-fighters dominate, instead of the rational and balanced approach. The cynicism and hypocrisy of politicians of all countries have no borders and reach contradicting each other and mutually exclusive actions. On the one hand, they proclaim aspiration to the peace and safety, and on the other hand, launch wars. It all the same that is to propagandize a healthy way of life, and in an hour to go to restaurant and to indulge in abusing alcohol and gluttony.


Some consider as panacea from many global problems activity of the international organisations, carrying out only co-ordinating functions. Unfortunately, efficiency and productivity of their activity remains to the lowest and decisions made by them have only recommendatory character.


The world community is not ready and is not capable

to adequate management of crisis situations.

Therefore it is necessary to take measures on their non-admission and

to strengthen positions of above-national level regulation


Despite of collective efforts of the developed countries, consequences of the world economic crisis are not eliminated till now.

One of the main ecological questions decrease in emissions of carbonic gas is not solved. In Copenhagen in December, 2009 result of the United Nations Climate Change Conference became passed acceptance of the agreement which are not containing legally obliging positions on restriction of emission in atmosphere of hotbed gases. It became a failure of joint efforts of the world community in the field of ecology.

Participants of the ecological summit explained such outcome necessity of preservation of present level of industrial development. Motives of such actions may be only lobbying of activity of industrialists, but in any way not national interests of the states. The most important thing for any state is people. The human capital, including health of citizens, is the basic resource and the progress engine. By this decision representatives of management of the developed countries have opposed themselves to the citizens and have threatened ecological well-being all over the world.

Imperfection of mechanisms of the organisation of the international interaction at occurrence of nature accidents can be considered on example of recent earthquake in Haiti.

Problems with distribution of the humanitarian help, safety and coordination of rescue operation have led to chaos. The arrived representatives of the different states and United Nations peacekeeping forces could not provide safety at distribution of the humanitarian help. The humanitarian help has not got to the majority of inhabitants, and has appeared in the black market. People have been compelled to be engaged in robberies and larceny. The peace population has joined marauding.

Low level of moral and psychological preparation has not allowed the international forces to be put forward in some areas that prevented effective carrying out of the basic phases of rescue operation (search for survivors and help them, clearing of blockages). During delivery of the foodstuffs helicopters did not sit down in camps, and dumped food and water, being afraid of fights and attacks.

People remained alone with the problems. In despair inhabitants of Haiti arranged spontaneous meetings and blocked roads barricades from corpses. In the conditions of absence of the effective help it was necessary to be content with that was: the majority was helped by only internal resources - prayer, songs and work.

And some rescuers have lost self-control and endurance. The strong psychological trauma was received by the Spanish rescuers when rescued the child who has lain in a blockage of 6 days. They were attacked by townspeople and to the aid the Canadian military men have came and made term: either you, or they. It was necessary to leave a scene. A unique consolation was that the child did not have chances to survive even at rescue.

The special cynicism was shown by some show business stars. Possessing multi-billion capitals, they endowed from several thousand dollars to one million dollars. Transfer of means became not good will and sympathy, and an element of own public relations and satisfaction of own vanity.

At present it is one of the largest nature accident in the history and it is possible to tell that then "doomsday" has come for many Haitians. And the world community has undersigned for own feebleness. According to local population, Haiti became "change" in political strike between the USA, Canada, France and other developed countries. Colonial dependence and military interventions in 20 century became the reason of that Haiti is one of the poorest countries of the world.

But in any case it was possible to minimise quantity of victims. Absence of technical regulation on building became a principal cause of a mass collapse of buildings. The existing unfair system has led to considerable backlog in social and economic development, including in the field of an industrial policy. A vivid example of the optimum account of the factor of the raised seismicity is Japan in which many-storeyed building prevails.

Instead of responsibility rearrangement it is necessary for developed countries to consider the problem of creation of effective system of the preventive actions anticipating similar catastrophic consequences of nature accidents. Including by accumulation of means and their distribution to the requiring countries on creation of technical regulations and their execution at building of infrastructure objects.

For now Haiti ironically, it is cynical more precisely, is named as bad luck island in what there is no fault of its inhabitants. In some weeks interest to these events has gone on recession. It was based on absence of interest from outside the spectators not realising up to the end dramatic character of occurring events and concerning it, as to the next entertainment blockbuster. Necessity of attraction of attention of the world community for the further gathering of the humanitarian help has appeared below value of displays of meetings at the summit or the next secular action. Formed the social order for the information is focused by momentary superficial interests, instead of installations of rendering assistance to the near. It is necessary to wait for revaluation of reference points by inhabitants of the developed countries when the similar will concern them.

Thus, underestimation of real threats of global problems is available. The impetuous belief that such situation may occur though to whom, only not with us does not maintain any criticism, and is similar to ostrich's position. Now any cataclysms of technogenic and natural character can cause "chain reaction" and lead to unpredictable consequences worldwide.


Exhaustion of resources, fatality of new wars, irreversibility of negative processes excludes the right to an error and deprives of time for carrying out of experiments on formation of new forms of interaction.


It will be now established:

OR the life order in which basis is priority of primacy

of people interests and observance of international norms,

OR new world order unacceptable for favorable development

which becomes a basis of self-destruction of mankind

Actual result of going struggle for world influence

and resources can be beginning of the third world war


War is the extremely destructive political phenomenon which sense consists in continuation of policy of the states by violent means. It is the armed struggle which as means of conducting armed forces act. Wars differentiate as fair and unfair. However at the present stage a limit has come when in connection with creation of the nuclear weapon and other means of mass destruction it is a question any more of a victory or defeat, and about the existence of a life on the earth.

The Second World War lasted 6 years, and the Great Patriotic War - 4 years. The Victory Day is a holiday of celebration of spirit. It is not simply tribute of memory to the past, and has the practical purposes of achievement of unity of the nation and support of spirit of people. Motives and principles of winners become moral reference points and samples of behaviour. However, politicians use last events not with a view of preservation of peace and for escalating of militaristic power and the justification of the destructive actions.

With the account of power and destructive power of the modern weapon the mankind will not wage new war by years. It can be destroyed within several days. Empty there will be oaths of pseudo-patriots in fidelity to fatherland and their desire to continue fighting traditions in new wars: that remembered. When the mankind will be destroyed: nobody remember them, monuments will not be put to them, books and songs about them will not be written also filmmaking.


Now there is genocide of mankind

that on some parametres are worse than war

Military murder is more humane in certain cases

Than martyr death from consequences of ecological

and technogenic accidents, the negative social phenomena


In this case as the genocide tool serves not the weapon, and the antinational policy of the states which are not realising international law of the person on a worthy life, a favorable ecological inhabitancy and leading to extinction for the reasons of growth of the negative phenomena (disease, criminal, drunkenness, suicides etc.) .

According to some modern ideological directions the tools of a genocide and means of manipulation with consciousness of people are alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other substances. However, their existence is not cause of their consumption. Only some part of the population is predisposed to abusing psychoactive substances and abnoramal behaviour. And not in such scales as now.

One of the basic instincts of the person is the instinct of self-preservation which as much as possible reduces probability of death from the unnatural reasons. To the normal person in normal conditions the thought will not come to touch wires of a high-voltage line, to jump off from the many-storeyed house or to leave on an oncoming traffic strip.

For majority the basic inducing motive of their consumption is an absence of vital prospects and a worthy standard of living. The purpose of their consumption is not desire of self-destruction, but aspiration to come off a hopeless reality though for a while.


In what the reason of such pitiable position in the country ? Much starts with the past. The future development demands updating taking into account last experience.


The Soviet communism has created the life system breaking normal ability to live and producing people with the strongly pronounced antihuman beginning. On formation of "the Soviet citizen - the obedient zombie, building communism, life system in the country has been directed. By recognitions of prisoners of Guantanamo practically any can be "broken" loud music and light direction in eyes. At us all life the person was in big socialist camp, places a prison zone, under the name of the USSR and was exposed to refined psychological and physical violence.

The Soviet ideology and propagation, violence over the person have led to deformation of human consciousness. Abnormal it began to be perceived normal, and normal by the abnormal.

In new Russia the cult of an idle way of life, money and violence is all day long propagandised. It does not promote formation of true patriots. Employment by illegal activity became almost unique way of worthy existence. Expression that you lived for the salary became nominal. Killers and gangsters were the most preferable and highly paid prosessions in 1990s.

The Soviet last and wild present was generated at considerable part of the population by feeling of disgust and fastidiousness to everything that is connected with native fatherland. When dislike for the native land is put from the very beginning of life, it is impossible to demand in the subsequent display of true patriotic feelings.

Now the society stays in a deranged condition of social degradation. High level of the negative social phenomena brightly testifies to it. In this case application of the adequate actions directed on neutralisation of a negative is necessary. It can be compared to good influence over the narcodependent. Them violently adhere and make violent acts during the period of an abstinent syndrome. All it is made for their blessing, for what they express gratitude.

It is impossible to be limited to half measures. Having passed process of knocking over of hard drinking, treatment and coding the drinking person feels considerable improvement of condition of health. And breaks then, as principal cause of the treatment not sincere to get rid of this dependence, and only to restore health on purpose to continue drunkenness. But next time the organism can not cope with a toxic poisoning.

As and with social illnesses. Relapses pass in chronic and incurable illnesses. Russia in the history faced the extremely critical situations with which owing to favorable coincidence of circumstances it was possible to consult.

In the beginning of formation of the Soviet power following problems became sharp: orphanhood, illiteracy, hunger and poverty. In due course they have been resolved by creation of powerful system of socialisation of citizens and transition to an industrial way of development. In transition period the country was overflowed by a criminality shaft. Economic growth has weakened social intensity, having lowered criminality. Instead of a criminal way the considerable part of youth has entered into well-disposed ranks of managers on sales. Instead of drunk fights people melancholically wander on shopping centres in search of discounts. Instead of deep drunkenness the majority of able-bodied population began to make thrifty use of the based capital health, regularly visiting the fitness centres and conforming to the rules a healthy way of life.

It, certainly, became the most positive tendency of last decade of the country contemporary history.

However, it is not necessary to be under a delusion, at change of favorable factors the situation can change quickly to the worst.

Only internal spirit and own initiative can provide stability and well-being of a life of the separate person instead of any external the benefactor: "the kind" Soviet power or rough economic growth.

In a Soviet period the put, dressed and fed citizens were only small screws of totalitarian system. The survived gangsters of last decade were engaged in legal business and with the crisis beginning old criminal habits will be useful again.


The crisis phenomena force to mobilise forces and to correct activity according to common sense. To live within the means. There are really rational decisions. But as soon as there is a small improvement situation goes out of control. As they say: if the thunder will not burst, the man will not cross.

Social psychologists calm the population and suggest to fill up time of unemployment leisure and rest. But the majority of Russians does not have means on its high-grade organization. The basic negative factor becomes that time is liberated not under the initiative and not in interests of the person, and the given compelled situation is accompanied by serious psychological stress and earnings loss. And as a result time of the compelled idleness becomes unnecessary, turns from the blessing to punishment.

In the american film I have had enough! the Michael Duglass hero, having lost of work in one day, has not gone to spend a free time for personal development. He has not gone to rest park, cinema or library. Under the influence of stress, for one day by the way from the former work to home he has made a number of grave crimes. And that day has appeared for him the last.


Laws of social development in modern Russia have the extremely adverse character for simple people. Existence of a huge precipice between the power and the people became a key problem. Making decisions chiefs are guided by macrolevel and cannot understand cares of simple people that lead to remoteness of the power from the people.

The statement became an axiom of our life: the rich people can, but do not want, and the poor people want, but cannot change a life to the best.


All it belittles the international norms and the constitutional bases of the state. Belittling roles of citizens in a state administrative management compels people to adapt to a situation, having crossed through itself. The majority participate in a negative or indirectly or the tacit consent. People do not have choice. The comment of results of elections in the north of republic is evident. People realize that the difficult life will not change at the present authority, but are compelled to vote for operating chiefs.


People choose the rests from lordly tables of chiefs not from a good life, and is simple not to die from hunger. And without any thoughts on high feelings and great mission of the person.


The root of problem of

non-observance of the constitutional bases

consists in considerable difference of reality

from nominally proclaimed course and declared values.

The simple person does not possess the real rights and freedom.


The basic condition of realization of constitutional laws is the possession administrative or financial resources, that is it is necessary to be the official or the oligarch. Possessing money and the power are indifferent to simple people. Such reality creates a vicious circle.

The extremely negative factor of world development directly contradicting the international and constitutional principles of equality of the rights and possibilities of the person, is the differentiation of justice owing to distinctions in position of people. That is, when the superiority of one over others affirms by certain criteria and the life is arranged by a principle to everyone the.

The limited favorable vital space is divided. Beginning from birth to death, position of people is differentiated. The poor man never becomes the rich man. To someone all life to bathe in luxury, and to someone to be unfortunate for the rest of the natural. "Warm" workplaces are descended. The majority, even having got worthy education, cannot found a job on decent places and it prepared destiny of slaves on the native land.

Russia is only formally democratic lawful state, and really in the country the rigid totalitarian system and criminal lawlessness reigns. The reasons of it are not only some errors in state policy, but also general legal nihilism of Russians.

The extremely negative are tendencies of total suppression of heterodoxy, usurpation of the power, consecutive destruction of a principle of division of the authorities. And also high dependence of judicial authority and bias of accepted decisions.

Certain social groups consider himselves as gods, personifying a source of stability and the keystone to success of all state. The right for good life is given them only by the fact of their existence. The party communistic nomenclature which has separated itself from the people infrastructure of life maintenance was such.

The monarchist system establishment, recoil to feudalism and accession of slaveholding relations with labour resources may be an extreme limit.


It is necessary to pull out the person from this vicious circle of hopelessness and arbitrariness. To create preconditions for realisation of constitutional laws by simple people without possession of administrative or financial resources. Only on the basis of the fact of presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation.

People say to me that all is terminated also nothing to change. But it is not so. The future is not predetermined. It is terminated nothing, while there are international norms, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and the main thing the people, ready to protect the right to worthy life.


Thus, the basic condition of maintenance of a worthy life,

world stability and sustainable development pledge is

achievement of fair distribution of the blessings between

all inhabitants of a planet and the states


It means acceptance of some complex and system actions from outside all states. In detail it may be considered on an example of the multidimensional right of inhabitants of territories on the earth and the property, and also participation in distribution of the incomes made at them.

Now the majority of inhabitants of territories, including Indigenous Peoples, have no equal access in rights to possession, the order and resource management (wood, water, the earth) and to their "derivatives" (minerals, fish, game, wood etc .). The local population is not capable to influence distribution of incomes of mining operations, and only can apply for a scanty share of regional product. It destroys feeling of the owner and stimulates growth of the negative social phenomena (drunkenness, criminal, suicides, disease, social depression etc.).

Absence of prospects of balanced development and creation of conditions of unprofitableness of agricultural production predetermine closing of the whole administrative and territorial units and extinction of the whole ethnoses.


Situation, when all around not ours,

except the small share of the bioresources

which have been grown up on a surface of the earth and extracted on quotas,

deprives people motivation to effective and productive work,

that considerably reduces a level of territory development


One of forms of fair distribution of the blessings is realization of universal practice of target direction of rent payments from use of resources in favour of each citizen of the country, including representatives of Indigenous Peoples, on analogies to the Scandinavian countries, the USA, Canada and others.


But the position of the Russian officials is unequivocal: in present realities it is impossible. Such position may be interpreted as a basis of the program of destruction of territories and social degradation.

The situation can be compared to the following. The sick person is compelled to work to eat. But, having started illness, money to the person can be necessary only on funeral. We should not start sharp social "illnesses" to a critical condition of irreversible extinction of the population in the absence of a worthy life. And we should direct all resources on the decision of key problems, having abstracted from a momentary survival.


It is impossible to admit a situation, when oil and gas and other superincomes,

enclosed in foreign financial institutions, will be directed on closing of the whole territories, preservation of productive forces

a solemn seeing-off in final journey of the whole peoples


The withdrawn natural rent (to 80 % in favour of the state) should be directed to each citizen, instead of is sprayed in the budget. It is not simply economic and political problem. But it is also an indispensable condition of maintenance of moral health and population survival.

No creation of special economic zones to Russia and decrease in taxes can involve investments, and also is not capable to stimulate Russians to put in the enterprises and the earth for the good of all country. Outflow of capitals from Russia became result of action of not only objective political and business factors, but reaction on uncooperative altitude generated by the state.


At the stage one of the basic obstacles is the legal device of the Russian Federation on which natural resources and bowels are considered belonging to the state and the people. In this case in "a state" role the federal centre acts, and "people" - the certain abstract substance which "will" in a reality is replaced with political ambitions of separate representatives of the federal centre.

The power is personified in the name of the people who are in authority. However, frequently their interests opposite to interests of a unique source of the power the multinational people of the Russian Federation which unequivocally are not interested in enrichment of the limited number of persons, their relatives and inner circle.

On the way of realization of true democracy it is necessary to correct many directions of state policy. Legislation change, including constitutional, should become only technical moment, instead of to be absolute obstacle.


Misappropriation of rental incomes by oligarchs and representatives of state-monopoly capitalism becomes basis of possible political disorder of the Russian Federation and moral degradation of a society.

It may be more dangerous than narcobusiness and traffic in arms threats. Why? In case of a turn of illegal subjects and substances, the negative phenomena are shown in the form of growth of criminal and drug addictions.

On some parametres it is worse than alcoholism and narcotism as the mental and sincere beginning is exposed to destruction but not physical health. In the conditions of cult of momentary extraction of profit propagandised at the state level spiritual revival of Russia and its people is represented in the near future rather illusive and almost impossible.

In society the ideology of consumption and enrichment affirms that lead to exhaustion of resources and occurrence of unsoluble social conflicts.

Growth of number of socially disoriented population may provoke mass uncontrollable acts of violence and actually lead to large-scale civil war in territory of the Russian Federation.


Non-withdrawal by the state of the natural rent deforms principles of rational placing of resources. It is non-comparable high in comparison with branches of manufacturing industry profitability of export raw branches is brake for development of hi-tech innovative branches. The powerful field of attraction of capitals in raw branches with higher return is created as result. The capital goes not on innovative development and modernization, and on acquisition by oligarchs of unproductive actives and luxury goods in other countries (football clubs, ocean yachts, the real estate etc.).

The basic fiscal loading lays down on labor and capital that interferes with growth of manufacture and formation of solvent demand. The taxation of incomes of rent character does not render oppressing influence on manufacture growth as withdraws in favour of society that part of profit (superprofit) which is not created neither work of the person, nor the capitals saved up by it. On the contrary, the basic weight of the taxation lays down on the factor of manufacture not belonging to the manufacturer the natural rent.

According to the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences D.S. Lvov, relative density of the rent in the aggregate profit makes 75 %, the capital 20 %, work only 5 %. At the same time the basic source of tax incomes of the budget is labor, making 70 % of incomes. The share of the capital in formation of tax streams at level of 17-20 % that approximately corresponds to its "weight" in creation of the cumulative net profit. Rent sources give only 10-13 % of incomes. Such unfairly high loading on incomes of business and the population oppresses business, contains wages growth, forces to concealment of incomes, reduces final demand, artificial increases expenses for production, stimulates reduction of workplaces, promotes withdrawal of considerable volumes of capitals and the whole sectors of manufacture in shade. Thus, Russia has tasted all "delights" of possession infinite natural riches. The half-received investment income of the country is estimated in 40-45 billion dollars annually that along with losses of the state from inefficient use of state property reaches 50-52 billion dollars, and it is the second budget of the country.

Any state tax mode leaving huge means in hands of private corporations, maintaining public resources , simply does not carry out the main duty: care of augmentation of well-being of citizens. To avoid a fate of "rich losers, it is necessary for Russia to reorient the system of wildlife management and the taxation on rent principles. For this purpose it is necessary legislatively and methodically to provide the most effective withdrawal, accumulation and use of the natural rent, rational use of natural riches, their preservation and augmentation.

The most important problem interfering introduction of rental system of wildlife management and the taxation, is rigid resistance of the influential oligarchical structures "privatising" the natural rent, against absence of will and responsibility of the state. In 2002 the approved concept of rental tax payments has not been realised by the Government of the Russian Federation under the pretext of absence of the mechanism of definition of market prices of realisation of hydrocarbons. That is it is an subjective-political problem.

Meanwhile world practice testifies that the share of withdrawn natural rent by the states reaches 80 percent of incomes of oil corporations. In the USA, countries of Western Europe and others countries relative density of tax loading makes to 70 percent of gain from production realisation. The basic part of that is created by industrial activity should arrive in the budget in type of tax. Such fair and effective public use of natural resources can provide stability and society prosperity.

And our position leads to thought that the purpose of existence of the Russian state is to knock down the people and the home producer in counterbalance to enrichment of raw oligarchs.


Not only the oil and gas industry, but also other branches where manufacture is based on use of objects of natural environment, - electric power industry, fishing, communication and others may become sources of economic growth. Superprofits in the oil and gas industry, and also at extraction of metal ores and other minerals concern the so-called mountain rent. In water-power engineering where manufacture is based on use of energy of water basins which too belong to all society, the hydropower rent is formed. Cost of the electric power made on hydroelectric power stations, makes some copecks for kw/hour, and consumers pay for it already more rouble. Unless it not superprofits? Exclusive use of radio frequencies which also are the limited natural resources, also generates the superprofit which is a version of the natural rent. The country population could receive additional incomes of the companies operators of mobile communication.

Thus, oligarchs with support the officials have withdrawn a part of national property of the country in the termless using and play in roulette of world financial casino on the money which earned by Russians by fair work and has arrived from sale of not renewed natural resources.


Overestimate of the prices that is formation of economically unreasonable expenses for the purpose of unfair enrichment became one of forms of injustice and a key national problem. At the heart of principle the poor grow poor the rich grow rich not objective market mechanisms and reception of incomes to proportionally enclosed work and the capital, but slavish operation and assignment of small incomes of simple people.


The mentality of Russians assumes allocation as a life priority to snatch more and to be enriched at the expense of others, instead of achievement of own well-being by increase of well-being of all society and each person. It is a deadlock position has led to unprecedented social differentiation.

In business economic subjects and consumers, in the state sphere budgets of all levels, tax bearers and consumers of budgetary services suffer. Results we see everywhere: the high and unfairly overestimated level on fuel and energy resources, housing-and-municipal services, the real estate, cars and all inventory and services. The purpose is not the covering of the suffered expenses and reception of standard well-founded profit, and satisfaction of own greed and avidity.

For example, high cost of apartments is a result of "an artificial swelling prices. Better to say, elementary gamble. The citizens buying apartments pay not only economically well-founded expenses of builders and realtors, but also their magnificent life. Really realtors, workers of registration services and other lawyers bear considerable expenses, unpacking some sheets of the contract, putting some prints of the seals, bringing the data to computer base and receiving for it of ten thousand roubles and above? Who is considered the richest people, except industrialists and bankers, in Yakutia? Correctly, builders and workers of sphere of the real estate. Really at us such boom of building, how in China, Taiwan and other countries of Asian-Pacific region?

Pricing in the market of the real estate and in building wish to name market. It is possible to speak about what civilised market, if in the cost price of building contract works corruption recoils are put? That the bribery became a work part of the first persons of the government nobody begins to deny. Such indemnification for special conditions, complexity and intensity of work. Corruption recoils became a basis of carrying out of the state and municipal purchases. Even, despite acceptance of new transparent laws, carrying out of public tenders through the Internet.

These negative phenomena are not simply individual displays, and have got system and complex character.

Legalisation of vicious system of unreasonable pricing has occurred in initial accumulation of capitals. In 90th years initiators of joint development of resources with foreign concerns hoped that the foreign companies will start to put means in working out of deposits, the manufacture modernisation, the new equipment and when will pay back the expenses, will share profit on sale of the Russian oil and other minerals. But they naturally have not justified. Schemes of "the optimising taxation, when expenses are inflated and in costs astronomical figures are registered, became classical. For example, expenses on acquisition of apartments were registered in the tax reports of investors under the prices in 10 times above the market. And instead of buying cheaper Russian equipment, it was bought second-hand foreign and it was considered under the prices, in 3-4 times surpassing the real.

Negative consequences of the universal mechanism of the intermediary, allowing to take corruption and other unearned incomes from all fields of activity, are a basis of social discontent and unprecedented social differentiation of the population. High disproportionate to labour efforts, and actually unearned, incomes of diamond, oil, gas and energy industry workers, builders and other persons using not belonging them natural and other kinds of rents, are paid by consumers, that is simple people. And officials, entering corruption relations, use the administrative and political rent.

Thus, nothing making business and authority seize at the expense of the people really making the added cost and an additional product. And it will proceed until we will allow it. To live for us the account, at the expense of the people. If we not against, they too are not against.


And meanwhile, crisis has shown stability and success of the initiatives, which purpose to bring the blessing to all society. For example, in Bangladesh microcrediting of the poorest levels of population successfully functions. Millions given out credits (on the average about 100 dollars) have abruptly changed life of poor people to the best. Acquisition of simple utensils and livestock has allowed them to be engaged in personal part-time farm with prospect on the expanded reproduction. It has allowed people to leave from dependant spirit and as much as possible effectively to show the creative beginning. Fair and open mutual relations between bankers and borrowers became a success basis. And in Russia crushing terms of usurious crediting and the selfish policy of credit institutes adjoining on elementary deceit, have undermined belief of citizens in possibility of creation of the well-being by means of financial tools. Not without reason, unfair and unreasonable bank percent are equal by some ideological directions to the basic defects of mankind.


Hopelessness of unfair way of development may be considered on youth example.

Formation of corresponding motivational installations is impossible without unequivocal perception of work as base of normal life. At due education and environment target reference points of activity, including direction of expenditure of material means, are formed. For example, correctly socially oriented children of the farmer will put means in development of the personal farmstead and self-development, promoting growth of public well-being.

Absence of motivation leads to deformation of priorities. Oligarchs spend a part of the withdrawn rent payments for children who not known the price of work. Irresponsibility of their socially disoriented children leads to narcotism, alcoholism and criminal.

In too time the fate of the majority of graduates of children's homes is unenviable: 1/3 of them becomes vagabonds, 20 % - criminals, and 10 % finish life suicide. It is result of absence of vital prospects. Decrease in that statistics may be promoted by strengthening of mechanisms of socialisation at each stage: reception of the qualitative general and vocational training, preferential reception of the educational credit by graduates of the orphanage, the guaranteed reception of habitation on majority achievement, strengthening of quota of jobs for the given category. In reality to the majority of graduates of the orphanages available basic professional education without accurate guarantees of employment, and habitation reception is almost impossible, as is shifted on regional budgets. Thus, half measures of the social policy of the state produces vagabonds, drunkards, criminals and suicides.

It is necessary to create the conditions allowing the state to direct means from oil and gas and other superincomes on smoothing of social differentiation. It will allow to create comprehensible "starting" vital conditions for socially not protected peolpe. Also it will be in the blessing to the same oligarchs as will allow their children and relatives to avoid social disorientation and expenditure of means on interfering personal growth and development of the human capital expenses (drugs, alcohol, gamblings and others).


What social effect it is possible to expect from a target direction of rent payments from use of resources in favour of each citizen of the country? How it will correct moral health of a society? How it will be connected with social justice rule realisation?


It is necessary to aspire reaching worthy standard of living of civilised countries. It should be not the indulgent favour of officials and oligarchs, and should be the realised action, one of which motives is the self-preservation instinct. Simply because social aggression of made destitute will be directed, first of all, to their party.

The concept of social justice should mean not absence rich, and decrease in quantity of the poor. For example, in aspect of security cars it is impossible to reach presence for the majority of citizens of expensive jeeps. But it is possible to redistribute the means directed on acquisition of jeeps for officials, for achievement of such standard of living when the simple citizen could get the middle class car. All it probably also demands simple political will of heads. For example, in the Amur region governor Kozhemjako has transferred all jeeps in using to children's homes and other social establishments. For us it is simply fantasy.

Someone says that payments to citizens of rent payments will be scanty. And business is not necessary that. Really, by estimations of scientists, the sum will be not so considerable: from several honeycombs of dollars to several thousand dollars a year. But all rather.

The increase in 5-10 thousand roubles a month for the majority of the population will be quite good addition of the budget. For socially not protected categories it will be considerable help. Unlike the corrupted officials wearing watch in cost of ten thousand of dollars and the oligarchs having personal planes. It will be anything for people who can spend all annual sum of rent payments for one supper at restaurant.

These rather small sums can play the important role in the decision of essential problems or even in definition of the further destiny, prevent human dramas and tragedies.

For example, to prevent disorder of family in view of absence of means for food after loss of work by spouses, it is possible to direct means on acquisition of the goods of long using. It will create conditions for accumulation of means for acquisition of the car, the real estate, repayment of hypothecary and consumer credits. Sometimes an occurrence stumbling-block in the mortgage for the poor people becomes absence stable incomes only in some thousand. It could allow to enter hypothecary programs to population wide range.

The rich can change expensive computers, phones and other goods, as socks. Especially without reflecting and without worrying. For them the laptop is only an accessory and means of demonstration of the status. And for socially not protected acquisition even the cheapest laptop can stimulate aspiration to self-education, open access to the information and modern technologies. It will unequivocally give feeling of confidence and competitiveness, will give chance of higher education reception.

For youth absence of any subject, for example the laptop, can cause depression. It can lead to an inadequate conclusion about absence of vital prospects, impossibility of socialisation in modern society, inaccessibility of educational and cultural services that is at the bottom of suicides among youth.

Certainly, realization of these measures does not guarantee to simple people well-being at level of the world standards. But, unequivocally, it will give to each person chance of the best future.


Dear fellow citizens! Measures on fair distribution of the blessings in the world should be accepted not only for data, but also as the instruction to actions. Certainly, the majority of us cannot cardinally affect a situation. The main thing to know what happens. Non-understanding the key role borders on marasmus when we can, but we do not wish to apply available norms and to return that as so belongs to us.

Absence of desire to change a life to the best directs at sad thoughts that the population possesses lower motivation, than the people who are in a critical reality situation. Hopelessly sick people hope for unearthly forces. Even the finished alcoholic does not leave dream to overcome the illness. The lifelong term prisoners dream to find freedom sometime.

The beginning of acceptance of adequate measures on realisation of our rights will not lead to immediate approach of general prosperity. Time is necessary for change of a way of life and thinking, creation of positive perception of a life.


The price of question for us is elementary physical survival,

instead of reception of bonuses.

If we do not refract a situation already through some generations

we, the multinational people of Yakutia, will simply die out


The direction of part of rent payments to inhabitants of territories, including Indigenous Peoples, is only a small step to fair distribution of the blessings in the world. And anybody for us will not make this step. The question costs as follows: all or anything, now or never. We can and should make it. It should become stimulus to realisation to the full all complex of the rights of citizens. In process of realisation of our initiatives it is possible to develop the given theme consistently.


Democracy has given freedom to people, including the right to the free order the financial and material resources. However, in the democratic countries there are many unresolved problems. Democracy is not permissiveness, and, first of all, mutual social responsibility. The freedom of action of one should not mention freedom and the rights of others.

In case of threat of safety to a society and ecology it is necessary for states and international community to interfere with activity of the enterprises and branches. Some will tell that managerial process is business of owners and is in area of the corporate right. And restriction of a freedom of action of oligarchs is infringement of the liberal rights and democratic values. It is not so. When activity of the enterprises is mentioned directly by constitutional laws and freedom of citizens on the favorable ecological environment and worthy living conditions, the control and supervision of their activity becomes not only their business. And no rights of proprietors can move necessity of safety. They have a right to be enriched, but not at the expense of others and formation of threat to a society.

The organisation of activity of many enterprises and the whole branches demands state regulation. Otherwise some problems can become not only national, but also continental, further transcontinental - universal.

Adequate situation management reduces social risks. Restrictive measures during mass acts of nature (power supply switching-off, the termination of activity of some the enterprises and others) are quite proved. It does not cause protests about infringement of freedom of enterprise. At anybody does not cause of existence of law enforcement bodies though they directly make violence over people in certain circumstances.

At the heart of the majority of global problems of the present there is the conflict of the biological and social beginning presented in different forms and expressed in overweight of struggle for survival over social responsibility and humanity. If the person was guided by the humanistic beginning there would be no wars, hunger, criminality, epidemics and other negative phenomena in the life. Existing internal mechanisms of self-checking and regulation of behaviour of the person, unfortunately, are very weak. Therefore it is necessary to create external mechanisms of encouragement and compulsion, including to fair distribution of the blessings.


All offered measures should serve the purpose of creation of precedent regarding realisation of constitutional laws of citizens on a worthy life and norms of equality of all citizens.


Without dependence from results I have laid down following aims:

- Society consolidation;

- Growth of civil consciousness;

- Appeal to responsibility of the authority before the people.


Reality is so that in the short-term period immediate realisation of many offers is impossible. In this case we should create preconditions of realisation of initiatives and declare the rights. The colonialism, slavery and serfdom are seemed indestructible two centuries ago. If people have not put these questions all would remain as before. And we should make the first steps on justice restoration.

These are the global political problems demanding efforts of all world community and solved not for some years or even decades. Also as well as positions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation it is impossible to realise next day after their acceptance.

But it is worthy of it. As on a bowl of scales - a life of the future generations and ecological well-being. All that makes a life basis.


In any case the present situation is not only result of world crisis and activity of public authorities, but also result of our inactivity. It is result of dissociation of a society and inability structurally to defend the interests at federal and international level.

The decision of many Russian problems at national level is at a deadlock. Domination of interests of the federal centre has led to ignoring of interests of regions in which the most part of the population of the country lives. Therefore there are strong reasons for consideration of pressing questions of territories of Russia at the international level.

Attraction of the international attention to a number of sharp political, economic, social, ecological and other problems for the purpose of joint search of optimum decisions is necessary for regions. In the conditions of globalisation without it high-grade interaction with the world community and fastening of the positions is impossible.

Unfortunately, a main objective of numerous trips of yakutians in the United Nations and other international organisations is only representation of national culture. In the conditions of the steady tendency of reduction of inhabitants of territories probably soon to represent Indigenous Peoples will be nobody there.

And the people Congress saha, Department on the peoples affairs and other profile organisations on protection of interests of the people of republic deal with only superficial problems and serve the authority interests. They function in narrow frameworks of federal restrictions and cannot represent our interests at the international level.


I address to independent institutes of civil society and to separate citizens with the offer to consider following initiatives.


1. Creation of the non-governmental organisation for participation in work of the United Nations and other international organisations as observers or advisers.

2. Fastening of legal status by the organisation of interaction with the international both Russian human rights organisations and other institutes of civil society.

3. The organisation of interaction with the interested in realisation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples organisations - Assembly of the people of Russia, regional national educations and other advisory bodies of Indigenous Peoples.

Assistance rendering to the existing organisations for participation in work of the international organisations is possible.

With offers I ask to address by phone 8-984-109-42-77.

Stepan Petrov


On July, 23rd, 2010



Full realisation of constitutional laws of the citizens who are not possessing considerable administrative or financial resources, is a necessary condition of high-grade existence of the state. Non-observance of the civil rights and freedom can lead to state disintegration.

It is necessary to pull out the person from this vicious circle of hopelessness and arbitrariness. I do not pursue the aim to describe only utter darkness and wretchedness of our existence, to convince of hopelessness of our destiny. The future is not predetermined. And We should create the future in the present, make that nobody will make for us.

I put a problem and I call for actions while there is time. It remains very little. To actions according to political expediency within the limits of the international norms and the current legislation.

My basic target reference point is assistance of full realisation of constitutional laws and the international norms simple people only on the basis of the fact of presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation without possession administrative or financial resources.

At the heart of mutual relations with the international organisations there should be a complex and system realisation of the rights of inhabitants of territories, including Indigenous Peoples, on all aspects and directions. Development of uniform strategy of protection of our interests and consolidation of institutes of a civil society and the separate citizens, capable to change a situation is necessary.

High-grade participation in the activity of the international organisations directed on regulation of activity of national controls of the various states is necessary. It is expedient to direct efforts to creation of conditions in which to all countries realisation of the rights of inhabitants of territories, including Indigenous Peoples would be favourable. Effective political, economic and other mechanisms of performance by all states of the international norms are necessary.

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